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Distinguished by a unique and subtle naturalism, Greg Yale Illumination is considered by many as the top American landscape lighting design firm. With experience spanning over 25 years on projects across the United States, Europe, and the Caribbean, GYI has an unparalleled reputation among their clients and colleagues for a personalized design style and natural, understated aesthetic. GYI harmonizes the science behind the latest and most technically advanced aspects of the lighting industry with organic natural settings to preserve and highlight the beauty of outdoor spaces in the least obtrusive manner. Great efforts are made to conceal light sources and eliminate glare and light trespass. The result creates depth, form, and definition, which in turn affects mood, function, and awareness. In addition to landscape lighting, GYI is experienced in interior lighting and brings the same trained eye and admired aesthetic to lighting the interiors of residential and commercial spaces. Clients also consult GYI regularly about lighting specific art pieces and other focal features. GYI is a full-service design and installation firm, employing a team of designers, office staff, and licensed electricians to serve its clients. This allows GYI to work closely with their clients from the initial design phase through the entire installation process. GYI's designers and electricians also keep in contact with their clients after an installation to ensure that all fixtures and hardware are properly maintained and to adapt the lighting plan as the landscape evolves over time. GYI's reputation and work has caught the attention of numerous national and international publications, including The New York Times, Elle Decor, Martha Stewart Living, Town & Country Magazine, and To the Trade, to name a few.

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